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ACPC LTD offer training in all aspects of Child Protection and includes:

  • Achieving Best Evidence
  • The Criminal & Civil Law in relation to Child Protection and litigation
  • The interview of children under ‘Achieving Best Evidence.’
  • The interview of adults with learning difficulties/disabilities under ‘Achieving Best Evidence.’
  • Human Rights, confidentiality, sharing information and data protection in respect to Child Protection
  • Investigation skills in Child Protection to include Section 47 enquiries and independent investigations.
  • Emotional Abuse and Neglect.
    Working together to safeguard children to include Children in Need Section 17 Children Act
  • Assessing Risk
  • Witness training in preparing and presenting evidence to both the Criminal and Civil Courts
  • Awareness training for staff responsible for ‘looked after children’
  • Medical aspects of Child Protection
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Human Trafficking.
    Criminal aspects of Child Abuse
  • The Police and Criminal Evidence Act in relation to Child Protection and vulnerable adults. (i.e. appropriate adult responsibilities for children and vulnerable people in police custody)
  • Working with Sex Offenders.

Consultancy Serices

  • Assist and advise the Legal Profession on the investigation of personal injury civil litigation aspects of Child Protection
  • Conduct independent examination and preparation of documentation in civil proceedings as per the ‘Cambridge’ protocols
  • Advise organisations of their responsibilities and legal requirements within the area of Child Protection
  • Working with sports associations and other agencies to produce protection plans, setting out guidelines and areas of particular concern
  • Assist investigations by interviewing children/ young people in accordance with the current guidelines under ‘Achieving Best Evidence’. This includes the interview of adults with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Independently advise and investigate a child protection concern/complaint which fails to achieve the criminal standard of proof
  • Independent investigation of current and historic events and Serious Case Reviews
  • Counselling Services

The courses and Consultancy outlined above are some further examples of current training courses and Consultancy Services available from ACPCLtd.

Bespoke training to specific client requirement is always available.
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