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Welcome to the pages of Allied Child Protection Consultants Ltd (ACPC Ltd). We provide a training consultancy and investigation service on all issues related to safeguarding children and the Protection of Vunerable Adults (POVA) generally and in sport. managing risk, civil litigation, disclosure, serious case reviews, evidence gathering/presentation and management and crime related courses. Listed below are examples of our professional services:

  • Providing training and consultancy in all aspects of Safeguarding Children and Young People.
  • Providing training and consultancy in all aspects of the Protection of Vunerable Adults (POVA).
  • Assist and advise the Legal Profession on the investigation of personal injury civil litigation aspects of Child Protection.
  • Conduct independent examination and preparation of documentation in civil proceedings as per the ‘Cambridge’ protocols.
  • Achieving Best Evidence for children, young people and vulnerable adults.
  • Advise organisations of their responsibilities and legal requirements within the area of safeguarding children and young people and the protection of vulnerable adults.
  • Independently advise and investigate a child protection concern / complaint or adult protection concern which does not achieve the criminal standard of proof.
  • Working with sports associations and other agencies to produce protection plans, setting out guidelines and areas of particular concern.
  • Assist investigations by interviewing children/ young people in accordance with the current guidelines under ‘Achieving Best Evidence’. This includes the interview of adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • Independent Investigations.
  • Investigation skills.
  • Crime training.
  • Civil litigation.
  • Specialist Counselling Services for children and young people.
  • We can also offer a comprehensive consultancy service to discuss your individual, or corporate needs.

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