About ACPC Ltd...

Allied Child Protection Consultants Ltd have available experienced training personnel representing all major agencies involved in Child Protection. Additionally specialists in Social Services, Education, Criminal and Civil Law, and witness interviewing form part of the company network.

Our personnel reflect diversity through gender and culture. This blend enables Allied Child Protection Consultants Ltd, to provide quality professionals with relevant knowledge and experience, to conduct training, reviewing, consultancy or investigations.

The consultancy is based around two experienced individuals who complement each others skills within the training and investigative fields. Both have national and international experience and are qualified trainers.

Alec Love...

Alec Love has had direct involvement within the field of Child Protection both as a police officer and as an independent consultant for over sixteen years. He is an associate trainer with the NSPCC and a number of other well known Child Protection agencies. He is regularly consulted by the legal profession on civil litigation. He is currently contracted to conduct independent investigations within civil and criminal litigation and also within sporting organizations where concerns have been raised on Child Protection issues.

He regularly trains Achieving Best Evidence courses on a National bases from a multi agency perspective. His extensive knowledge and experience of multi agency working is integral to the overall commitment of ACPC to the protection of children.

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